5 Characteristics That Make A Great Entrepreneur

This week our speaker was Greg Ruf, the father of a BBC leader, who has launched and financed seven separate entrepreneurial ventures, six of which have been financially successful. As of late, he is an advisor and investor in Acceptd and EduSourced and shared some solid advice for young entrepreneurs.

5 things that separate an entrepreneur from an idea maker:

1) Unceasingly hardworking
2) Tenacious – persistent and doesn’t back down
3) Optimistic because there will be hardship you need to get past
4) Excellent execution, which means being prompt to return calls, being on time, and adhering to a schedule
5) Run. Make progress everyday and move, move, move

We give a big thanks to Greg for sharing his experience with us!

Mike is the President of the BBC and is the cofounder of a software company providing catering management solutions.

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