The Entrepreneurship Spectacular 2017

The Business Builders Club is holding the biggest speaker event of the year – Entrepreneurship Spectacular 2017!


Success in entrepreneurship requires grit and creativity. Come listen to well-known, successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders tell the exciting, perhaps not-so-public details about their climbs to success, by means that many of us might consider… unusual.

The event is on February 18th from 1-4pm in Mershon Auditorium right here on campus and tickets are FREE! To register, visit:

Speakers this year include (with a couple more being announced shortly!)

  • EVERETTE TAYLOR – Top 10 Snapchat influencer, CMO at Skurt, former CMO at Sticker Mule, internationally acclaimed marketing genius and entrepreneur.
  • MICHAEL REDD – Former NBA Star, Entrepreneur/Investor, venture partner at Third Wave Digital, a VC firm in California.
  • ROGER BLACKWELL – World renowned speaker, author, and namesake of the Blackwell Inn.
  • DANNY ORTIZ – Investor relations at Third Wave Digital and has traveled the world speaking in countries such as Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and almost every major city in the United States.
  • XANDER SCHULTZ – Founding team member of multiple notable consumer tech startups, former CEO of Complete (an Apple Best New App).
  • BILLY GOLDBERG – Founder and president of The Buckeye Group, author, and former Vice President at Bank of America.
  • CONNOR BLAKLEY – At 17 years old, he worked and continues to work alongside Intercept Group, a North American Gen Y & Z consultancy, who supports brands like Microsoft, 3M, 7-Eleven, Unilever, Toyota and L’Oreal.
  • JONATHAN LACOSTE – an award-winning entrepreneur and writer, co-founder and President of Jebbit, the youngest entrepreneur to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in Marketing and Advertising, was the “Emerging Executive of the Year” in the state of Massachusetts and is considered one of the youngest entrepreneurs to raise venture capital, at age 19.

Thank you to our sponsors, AWH, Startup Grind Columbus, and Lumos Innovation!

The 2016 Fall IdeaPitch Competition

Are you working on growing a business right now? Have you been thinking about a business you’d like to start but haven’t found the time or money? Want to work on your own business instead of a part-time job and could use some money to do so?

14202508_972248429570884_8286815731181556186_nIf you answered yes to any of these, apply to pitch in this semester’s Business Builders Club IdeaPitch competition!

The BBC will be awarding THOUSANDS of dollars to support you in starting/growing your new or existing business, getting your foot in the door, and learning a ton about the world of entrepreneurship! 

The event will have FREE catered BBQ sandwiches from BBC’s very own FlyByBBQ, a past winner of IdeaPitch (vegan options available!) 

Time is running out! 

Click here to apply to IdeaPitch 2016! It only takes a few minutes!

What if I just want to come watch?

If you are interested in attending as a spectator, RSVP on Facebook or email Mike here with your name and guest names.

Recap of the 1st Ever Emerging Entrepreneur Competition

Mark Zuckerburg was 19 when he started Facebook. 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio sold his app Summly to Yahoo! for $30 million in 2013. Brian Wong, at age 19, founded a gaming rewards program called Kiip which earned over $15.4 million in funding and a spot on the DOW Jones FASTech50.

These few examples go to show that when it comes to startups, age is no boundary. These tech-savvy teens have proved that in the 21st century the pups are perfectly capable of playing with the big dogs. Little did we know, Ohio is home to many teens who share the same vision.

At the beginning of the year, the BBC decided we would set out to spark interest and support for Ohio’s youth entrepreneurs. We decided to host the 1st annual Emerging Entrepreneur Competition to take place March 29th in the Ohio Union. We invited high school entrepreneurs from all over Ohio to pitch their products and ideas to a panel of judges for feedback, advice, and the chance to grab a $500 grand prize.

After each entry came in, we were more and more thrilled at how many high-schoolers wanted to come out to OSU and pitch their projects. Students with improved 3D printers, digital liquor control devices, and online live personal training platforms greatly exceeding our expectations. On paper these ideas seemed great, but once we saw the full presentations, we were blown away. Some of these students had spent years developing their products, establishing LLCs, patents pending, and working prototypes. Who knew there was so much talent and ingenuity right here in our own backyard?

Taking home the grand prize was Carson Fox from Saint Francis DeSales for his company Head Hoodies which produces stylish head protectors for lacrosse sticks. The 2nd place prize was given to Matthew Boles, creator of a microwaveable, totable oatmeal. In 3rd place, Sammie Sommerkamp who designed the WorkoutWonder, an easy, simple to use piece of equipment which helps strengthen and tone core muscles.

Overall, the judges and the BBC were more than impressed with the great ideas and products that were presented. At such a young age, these students sure were able to bring their wow-factor! Congratulations to all presenters. We are greatly looking forward to see what the future has in store for you.

We at the BBC would like to thank all judges, participants, and spectators for helping to make a very successful Emerging Entrepreneur Competition.

See you next year!


Judges for the Event:

David Comisford

Doug Myers

Brooke Paul

Dan Rockwell

Greg Ruf

Cherylyn Rushton

Guest Speaker:

Steve Gacka


Social Innovation Starts at APTE

The Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit is both a wonderfully inspiring event and a story of passion and success.


When I attended my first APTE Summit, it was still an event hosted and funded entirely by the Business Builders Club. There were over one thousand attendees, several well-known social entrepreneurs from around the world, and a group of passionate students who were eagerly awaiting their chance to pitch their businesses to the entire auditorium. I couldn’t believe this event was only two years old! The number of people I met during the event and the passion those people had for solving world issues was inspiring. Since that Saturday in 2012, the APTE Summit has become an Ohio State Signature Event and has become bigger and better each year.


So why should you attend the APTE Summit? You have the rare opportunity to meet an amazing group of passionate students and community members. Beyond that:

  1. A whole afternoon of incredible speakers brought in from around the world
  2. A student social business competition with thousands of dollars in cash prizes
  3. No matter what you’re passionate about, there are many more just like you and you know they’ll be there
  4. You may just discover your passion (it’s happened before)
  5. Free networking with some of the most important social entrepreneurs in Columbus


The Alleviating Poverty through Entrepreneurship Summit is a world-class event that I’ve had the opportunity to attend for the past three years and needless to say, I’m more than excited for this year’s Summit.

Make sure to RSVP for the event check out the speaker line up here :


Shane McMahon

Business Builders Career Fair

The Business Builders Club is putting on its 3rd annual Career Fair on Tuesday, February 3rd. Unlike most career fairs, our career fair is catered to small businesses, startups, and community businesses.


-Small businesses need talented students and recent graduates.

Small businesses can often benefit from the intensity, vigor, and ingenuity of a talented, entrepreneurial student. This event offers the chance to recruit that student, and utilize their drive and skills.

-Students want meaningful work experience.

Students are often undervalued and given menial tasks, or irrelevant projects. The best students want to work in an environment where they can make an impact, grow a business, and learn what it takes to be an effective entrepreneur.


Companies- Small businesses, startups, community businesses that appreciate and seek out go-getters.

Students- Go-getters (the entire OSU student community is invited. In the past we have had students from all majors and all over the University, but the majority studied business or engineering).


If you are a student: Come to the Cartoon Room (3rd Floor) of the Ohio Union on February 3rd between 1:00 and 5:00 PM

If you are recruiting: Contact Theo Fields (author) at for more information


I worked for two years at a small business (which will be attending this event) and then interned at a Fortune 10 company. I felt that I was able to contribute infinitely more and provide more valuable work to the small business. I had the good fortune to experience entrepreneurial spirit and “hustle” up close and am fully committed to providing other students with that opportunity.

Theo Fields

Event Chair

Business Builders Club



Companies confirmed include:

Agile Networks
Community Computer Alliance
Drive Capital
Duet Health
Endeavor Forward
Exacter Inc. 
Fast Switch
Hot Chicken Takeover
IGS Energy
Labor Genome
Manta Media
Medical Staffing Options
NCT Ventures
Prevedere Software
Print Syndicate
Simple Fill
The Shipyard
Three Scale Strategy
Venture for America

So you’re pitching at IdeaPitch

Congratulations! You took the first critical step in building a business and that is sharing your idea with the masses and seeking feedback, mentorship, and cash. I want to share with you some details about the event and answer some important questions.


Event Schedule 

There are 7 teams. The teams will present one after another in a randomly selected order. Every team is allotted 15 minutes, which is broken into 3 minute set-up, 7 minute pitch, and 5 minute Q&A. These are hard time stops, which means there will be a stopwatch and there will be exuberant applause. Judges appreciate a well timed pitch.

At some point during the event, there will be an intermission to restock piles of pizza and listen to our sponsors share a bit about their companies and why they support IdeaPitch!

Once all 7 teams pitch, the judges will gather and talk about how awesome the pitches were, and of course, choose who wins!


FWTAIP (Frequently Wondered Things About IdeaPitch)

1. Who can pitch the idea?

Anyone who was included on the original submission. All members of the team must be undergraduate students and members of the Business Builders Club. There is no restrictions on number of pitch-ers, but we suggest 1-3.

2. What am I going to win?

  • 1st place – $1,500
  • 2nd place – $1,000
  • 3rd place – $500

That’s a lotta moolah! Plus, you could score mentorship or further investments if you really wow the judges.

3. Who is judging me?

We’ve got a phenomenal panel of judges lined up for you. This will be updated as new judges are added, so please check back.

  • Zach Boerger: The Director of Engineering at Drive Capital, former BBC’er, co-founder of LaunchGram, all-around-rockstar
  • Dan Rockwell: Program Manager for Software Prototyping Center at Ohio State, Founder of Big Kitty Labs, mover and shaker of all things tech
  • Ross Kayuha: CEO of Nanofiber Solutions, board member for Brand Thunder and start-up guru

4. What do I need to pitch about?

Your pitch should hit the big questions: Problem, Solution, Target Market, Competition, Team, and Financial Summary. Judges will be expecting you to address all of these questions. If you would like to see a copy of the official judging rubric, click here.

We require you to present your idea using a pitch deck (fancy for PowerPoint). This can be 1 slide or 20 slides, but you only have 7 minutes to pitch. Pro Tip: skip the outline slide, we know what you’ll be talking about. Get to the juicy stuff right away. If you want an example deck, click here.

5. What do I wear?

As long as you look presentable, we are happy. A suit is not required, but there will be photos taken and press coverage of the event, so don’t show up in a t-shirt and ripped up jeans.


Begin Hustling Now… 

We are incredibly excited to see what you come up with! As always, questions can be directed to the IdeaPitch or anyone within the Business Builders Club leadership.

Event Chair: Peilun Huang,

Coordinators: Hua Wang, Raihaan Subhan, Andrew Yanai

VP of Events: Marek Michalski