Finding Your Mojo With Brian Reed

We had a great time this week with Brian Reed, founder of Mojo Tago, a local food truck company that just recently opened its first brick and mortar location in Powell. Brian’s path wasn’t a straight one, he dealt with several hardships including the loss of one of his dear friend and cofounder. For a while he was feeling like he lost his Mojo and this inspired Mojo Tago, the thrill of this Mexican food truck helped him to find new meaning and pick himself back up from such a tragic loss. Throughout his story there were many twists and turns he encountered before reaching the level of success he has today. Some key lessons from his talk are:

• Having a single focus is really key, if it’s something you have a passion to do, unexpected things will happen out of no where, people will support you if they feel your passion
• Find health in the business on a smaller manageable level before you find growth
• It’s important to know when it’s time to change, when it’s time to adapt
• Strive for that unique edge, what gets you up in the morning and keeps the business alive
• As for the path to finding your own mojo, there’s no clear path, it seems to come in a myriad of ways, just explore your interests and try to follow the signs that you receive

We can’t thank Brian enough for coming out during such a busy time for his business!

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  1. Thank you BBC! I really appreciate the invite. I’m inspired by you all and encouraged for our future, especially when I see the gleam in you eye(s). Create. Create you own reality. It may take you a while to figure the reality you want, but it is there for you. Stay positive, and Go Bucks!

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    Time and change will surely (truly) show
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