Going from Idea to Reality with Steve Sauer

We were fortunate to have Steve Sauer as our guest speaker last night. Steve is an Ohio State alumni and Co-Founder of a design firm dubbed Bigger Tuna. He spent the evening sharing a myriad of incredible inventions and the story behind each one. Some lessons Steve learned along the way are:

• If you’re ever in a position of owning intellectual property at a company, make sure you maintain your sliver on your way out
• Think about the easiest ways to solve a problem, you don’t have to get complex, if you can solve a problem with a simple solution, do it
• 9/10 times we abandon something is because it is going to cost too much to be a viable product
• Once you get an idea into the physical world you can show someone and really get people interested
• The biggest thing to ask a patent attorney is, how are you going to return the results to me? You want it to be categorized and ranked so you don’t have to read 20 patents. You should expect to pay around $400

We thank Steve for giving an engaging talk and passing down all his invaluable insights.

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