Lessons of a Startup Tale with Danielle Walton

This week we had a splendid time hearing from Danielle Walton, founder of BringShare and Adept Marketing. Her experience is extensive, 3 years as a consultant at Deloitte, 2 years as Marketing Project Manager at Lifestyle Communities, and over 8 years in startups, one bootstrapped, and one with venture capital, she learned a lesson from every obstacle and mistake along the way. Here are some of the learnings she had to share:

• If you want to be successful you have to be willing to work harder than everyone else

• You can’t let things get you down, learn how you can get better from each mistake, be optimistic

• Balance vision and reality, there is a point where you can take positivity too far

• Don’t underestimate the value of experience

• Get a job,work for a startup, don’t experience the pain of failure and mistake first-hand, learn through someone else’s pain

• Don’t feel like you have to rush it, the dumbest thing we’ve ever done is quit our job to startup the company with no money

We are very grateful to have Danielle, such a well seasoned marketing mind and entrepreneur, come share her insights with us.

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