Our Very Own TEDx Original with Ida Abdalkhani

In February, the largest ever TEDx conference at Ohio State University assembled in the Mershon Auditorium to listen to a collection of distinguished speakers share their experience and stories in hopes of inspiring other change-makers in our community. We were fortunate to listen to a Business Builders Club alumni, Ida Abdalkhani, give the crowd a lesson in laughter yoga. As she says, laughter yoga is forcing oneself to laugh, and the silly, forced laughter becomes real laughter that gets blood flowing and endorphins released into the body. In addition to instructing the laughter yoga session, Ida shared the benefits of laughter yoga.

A huge thank you to Ida for venturing back to Columbus to bring laughter to the entire audience. Check out her talk here and #ShareTheLaughter

Of course, this couldn’t have happened without the amazing team behind TEDxOSU! Round of applause.

Jake is the President of the Business Builders Club | An engineer by study and an explorer by habit | Builder for @Designlico | On twitter @jakelarkin71

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