Recruiting Events

Unlike career fairs, our recruiting events allow you to pose challenges to students, interact in a much more insightful way, and recruit creative, innovative students that are a good fit for your positions.


Innovative businesses need talented, innovative students and recent graduates.

All businesses can often benefit from the intensity, vigor, and ingenuity of a talented, entrepreneurial student. BBC recruiting event offer the chance to recruit that student, and utilize their drive and skills.

-Students want meaningful work experience.

Students are often undervalued and given menial tasks, or irrelevant projects. The best students want to work in an environment where they can make an impact, grow a business, and learn what it takes to be an effective entrepreneur.

Who will be there?

Companies- Columbus companies, small businesses, startups, community businesses that appreciate and seek out go-getters. Last year’s companies included but were not limited to Venture for America, Duet Health, Domedia, Hot Chicken Takeover, Gain LLC, and CrossChx.

Students- Go-getters (the entire OSU student community is invited. In the past we have had students from all majors and all over the University, but the majority studied business or engineering).