So you’re pitching at IdeaPitch

Congratulations! You took the first critical step in building a business and that is sharing your idea with the masses and seeking feedback, mentorship, and cash. I want to share with you some details about the event and answer some important questions.


Event Schedule 

There are 7 teams. The teams will present one after another in a randomly selected order. Every team is allotted 15 minutes, which is broken into 3 minute set-up, 7 minute pitch, and 5 minute Q&A. These are hard time stops, which means there will be a stopwatch and there will be exuberant applause. Judges appreciate a well timed pitch.

At some point during the event, there will be an intermission to restock piles of pizza and listen to our sponsors share a bit about their companies and why they support IdeaPitch!

Once all 7 teams pitch, the judges will gather and talk about how awesome the pitches were, and of course, choose who wins!


FWTAIP (Frequently Wondered Things About IdeaPitch)

1. Who can pitch the idea?

Anyone who was included on the original submission. All members of the team must be undergraduate students and members of the Business Builders Club. There is no restrictions on number of pitch-ers, but we suggest 1-3.

2. What am I going to win?

  • 1st place – $1,500
  • 2nd place – $1,000
  • 3rd place – $500

That’s a lotta moolah! Plus, you could score mentorship or further investments if you really wow the judges.

3. Who is judging me?

We’ve got a phenomenal panel of judges lined up for you. This will be updated as new judges are added, so please check back.

  • Zach Boerger: The Director of Engineering at Drive Capital, former BBC’er, co-founder of LaunchGram, all-around-rockstar
  • Dan Rockwell: Program Manager for Software Prototyping Center at Ohio State, Founder of Big Kitty Labs, mover and shaker of all things tech
  • Ross Kayuha: CEO of Nanofiber Solutions, board member for Brand Thunder and start-up guru

4. What do I need to pitch about?

Your pitch should hit the big questions: Problem, Solution, Target Market, Competition, Team, and Financial Summary. Judges will be expecting you to address all of these questions. If you would like to see a copy of the official judging rubric, click here.

We require you to present your idea using a pitch deck (fancy for PowerPoint). This can be 1 slide or 20 slides, but you only have 7 minutes to pitch. Pro Tip: skip the outline slide, we know what you’ll be talking about. Get to the juicy stuff right away. If you want an example deck, click here.

5. What do I wear?

As long as you look presentable, we are happy. A suit is not required, but there will be photos taken and press coverage of the event, so don’t show up in a t-shirt and ripped up jeans.


Begin Hustling Now… 

We are incredibly excited to see what you come up with! As always, questions can be directed to the IdeaPitch or anyone within the Business Builders Club leadership.

Event Chair: Peilun Huang,

Coordinators: Hua Wang, Raihaan Subhan, Andrew Yanai

VP of Events: Marek Michalski

Jake is the President of the Business Builders Club | An engineer by study and an explorer by habit | Builder for @Designlico | On twitter @jakelarkin71

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