Social Innovation Starts at APTE

The Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit is both a wonderfully inspiring event and a story of passion and success.


When I attended my first APTE Summit, it was still an event hosted and funded entirely by the Business Builders Club. There were over one thousand attendees, several well-known social entrepreneurs from around the world, and a group of passionate students who were eagerly awaiting their chance to pitch their businesses to the entire auditorium. I couldn’t believe this event was only two years old! The number of people I met during the event and the passion those people had for solving world issues was inspiring. Since that Saturday in 2012, the APTE Summit has become an Ohio State Signature Event and has become bigger and better each year.


So why should you attend the APTE Summit? You have the rare opportunity to meet an amazing group of passionate students and community members. Beyond that:

  1. A whole afternoon of incredible speakers brought in from around the world
  2. A student social business competition with thousands of dollars in cash prizes
  3. No matter what you’re passionate about, there are many more just like you and you know they’ll be there
  4. You may just discover your passion (it’s happened before)
  5. Free networking with some of the most important social entrepreneurs in Columbus


The Alleviating Poverty through Entrepreneurship Summit is a world-class event that I’ve had the opportunity to attend for the past three years and needless to say, I’m more than excited for this year’s Summit.

Make sure to RSVP for the event check out the speaker line up here :


Shane McMahon