The Entrepreneurship Spectacular 2017

The Business Builders Club is holding the biggest speaker event of the year – Entrepreneurship Spectacular 2017!


Success in entrepreneurship requires grit and creativity. Come listen to well-known, successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders tell the exciting, perhaps not-so-public details about their climbs to success, by means that many of us might consider… unusual.

The event is on February 18th from 1-4pm in Mershon Auditorium right here on campus and tickets are FREE! To register, visit:

Speakers this year include (with a couple more being announced shortly!)

  • EVERETTE TAYLOR – Top 10 Snapchat influencer, CMO at Skurt, former CMO at Sticker Mule, internationally acclaimed marketing genius and entrepreneur.
  • MICHAEL REDD – Former NBA Star, Entrepreneur/Investor, venture partner at Third Wave Digital, a VC firm in California.
  • ROGER BLACKWELL – World renowned speaker, author, and namesake of the Blackwell Inn.
  • DANNY ORTIZ – Investor relations at Third Wave Digital and has traveled the world speaking in countries such as Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and almost every major city in the United States.
  • XANDER SCHULTZ – Founding team member of multiple notable consumer tech startups, former CEO of Complete (an Apple Best New App).
  • BILLY GOLDBERG – Founder and president of The Buckeye Group, author, and former Vice President at Bank of America.
  • CONNOR BLAKLEY – At 17 years old, he worked and continues to work alongside Intercept Group, a North American Gen Y & Z consultancy, who supports brands like Microsoft, 3M, 7-Eleven, Unilever, Toyota and L’Oreal.
  • JONATHAN LACOSTE – an award-winning entrepreneur and writer, co-founder and President of Jebbit, the youngest entrepreneur to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in Marketing and Advertising, was the “Emerging Executive of the Year” in the state of Massachusetts and is considered one of the youngest entrepreneurs to raise venture capital, at age 19.

Thank you to our sponsors, AWH, Startup Grind Columbus, and Lumos Innovation!

Mike is the President of the BBC and is the cofounder of a software company providing catering management solutions.

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