To Tie It Up with Nate Demars

Nate DeMars, MBA Grad, CEO, and OSU professor, shared a great deal about his hyperlocal Columbus startup, Pursuit. Originally pitched as an assignment for class, it now has a permanent storefront in the South Campus Gateway and has garnered a lot of local support for its progressive approach to suit shopping.

  • For Nate, it’s regularly good and bad at the same time
  • Getting a corporate job isn’t “selling out,” you can gain good experience and a consistent income
  • Nate loves Columbus because there’s enough people here to start a sizeable business but it’s a small enough town and community to get to know all the people who are doing really cool stuff
  • In the beginning it’s easy to wonder, is this even going to work? Scale down to test the business idea, if it goes well you can put more resources into it

Thanks Nate for coming out to speak to the BBC!

Mike is the President of the BBC and is the cofounder of a software company providing catering management solutions.

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