What is Success and How Do We Achieve it?

We had a great time listening to Chris Hock, Founder of Griffon Partners, who shared a hip presentation on entrepreneurship with funny memes and stories about his work in startups. We got to explore differences between our generation and his, as well as compare the differences between successful and unsuccessful companies. Some of the insights he wanted to leave with our generation were:

• The sooner you can make your own definition of success, the happier and more successful you’ll be
• Be competitive
• Remember your reputation – during bad times you can fall back on it
• Focus on micro goals, even though macro goals “feel” better
• Even if you don’t know what your career will be or how long you will stay, do an awesome job wherever you’re at
• Young entrepreneurs need to appreciate gravity of situation/source of investment that older generations have worked their whole life to earn
• Own your career and life, live below your means so you can quit your job and start out on your own

When you do start out on your own, the factors that led to a successful business in his experience were:

• They didn’t use hyperbole or puffery
• Instead, they asked, how do we build a great business and how do we grow?
• They had a clear value proposition
• They took care of their customer

Chris was very excited to share with us and come visit our club. When he was in school at Ohio State, there were no entrepreneurship outlets like BBC. We thank Chris for making it out to speak with our club!

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