How to Start a Business with No Money

Entrepreneurship's is the current buzz. Everyone wants to be one, but how can you start a business if you don't have expendable money? Many successful companies have been started with little to no money. Many of the most successful business owners started from scratch. With the knowledge and skills they had acquired over years of hard work, they were able to create successful companies. For example, Bill Gates had been programming for many years before he and Paul Allen launched Microsoft. If you want to create a company with almost no upfront costs, you are going to have to leverage your skills to create something that solves a problem.

Think of some ways you can use your skills to create something of value that solves a problem others experience.

What if you don’t have any skills that can be used to create something? Find an area you are interested in and learn the skills you need to create to solve problems in that industry. Do you want to create an iPhone app? Learn iOS development. Do you want to build an affiliate marketing network? Learn SEO, how to build websites, and copywriting. You are going to have to invest tons of time in order to truly develop these skills to a point where you will be able to create something of value.

So once you know what skills you need to learn, how do you learn them? One word: Google. The internet is the first place to look if you want to learn anything. Literally look up “how to learn ______” and you will be given hundreds of search results. I’d recommend reading the first 5 results and take notes on them.

Additionally, there are hundreds of online learning platforms that can teach you everything from digital marketing to programming with Python. Here is a list of the top sites to learn the skills you need to start a business:

• A one-time purchase course website with a wide range of topics and skills available to learn.

• Technology focused subscription based learning site. This site is great if you want to learn any technical skills.

• A website that partners with universities and organizations around the world bringing a wide variety of topics into one place.

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